We've been repairing loudspeakers for 27 years.

The variety of speakers is very large, the degree and difficulty of speaker repairs is very different.

 In general, we repair almost all types of speakers, with few exceptions.

We do not repair:

- Ribbon speakers (repair is impossible, the replacement of the repair kit is at stake)

- Piezoelectric speakers (repair is impossible)


Electrical plugs

Electrical sockets


Electric power supplies




Dynamic loudspeakers can be mostly regenerated (repaired)

They are divided into several categories:

PA speakers (stage speakers)

The most common cause of faults is a damaged coil, as the transducers operate at maximum loads.

Frequent damage is also broken top suspension, destroyed spiders, and in extreme cases

holes in membranes caused by moisture or mechanical damage.

We strive to have parts for such types of speakers in stock.

Sound companies with stage equipment always have priority when before private clients.

Car speakers

frequent damage:

- Burned coil (coil replacement) We produce coils in our workshop, these are not Chinese coils.

- Dirty magnetic slit of the magnet in coaxial speakers (cleaning the magnetic slit)

A faded speaker diaphragm caused by burning out of the sun and moisture which is a lot in the car.

   In this situation, we replace or regenerate the membrane (if it is possible)

- Damaged magnet, moisture which destroys the loudspeakers a lot in the car (corrosion of the adhesive). In this case, we clean and reassemble the magnet

- Top suspension broken. (membrane replacement and regeneration)

- Broken or stretched  spiders.  (regeneration or exchange)

- Coil wires broken (exchange)

HiFi and HiEnd speakers

frequent damage:

- Burned coil (coil replacement)

- Worn upper suspensions (effect of time) - We exchange them.

- Mechanical damage.

Prices for HiEnd speakers are set individually.

We invite you to use our services.