General conditions of the ACOUSTIC guarantee

We offer a 3-month warranty for the speaker repair service.

1. The guarantee covers all elements of the loudspeaker which have been repaired or replaced, ie (diaphragms, suspensions, springs, facing wires, domes)

2. The warranty covers all glued elements (displacement of the diaphragm and coil relative to the basket or magnet, detachment of the upper and lower suspension, detachment of the dust cup, displacement of the glued magnet, removal of the casing from the diaphragm)

3. The guarantee covers breaks on the winding (wire break)

4. The warranty covers distorting the loudspeaker caused by breaking the power cable (facing)



1. The guarantee does not cover thermal damage of the voice coil (burning of the winding, sliding of the winding due to high temperature)

2. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage (diaphragm, speaker basket, magnet, breaking of cables, denting of the dome, interrupting the upper and lower suspensions of the loudspeaker)

3. The warranty does not cover interference with the inside of the speaker of third parties

4. The warranty does not cover the destructive effect of humidity and temperature on the loudspeaker

5. The warranty does not cover damage to speakers due to poor handling of packages by couriers (Please read the SHIPMENT tab)

The customer personally incurs the costs associated with the delivery of speakers under the warranty.

By sending the loudspeakers for repair, you accept the terms of the warranty.

We invite you to use our services.