Sometimes customers ask me for various things related to the repair of speakers, I will try to briefly answer a few of them:


What if the speaker works but distorts the sound?


There may be several reasons

1. Broken upper suspension (rubber or sponge). The diaphragm is set eccentrically

2. The power cable is broken and sparks when the diaphragm moves, which causes characteristic distortion of sound.

3. The membrane is detached from voice coil former

4. Breaking the diaphragm 

5. Bubbles on the  voice coil former (Overheated coil)

6. Worn spider (speaker not working axially)

7. Dirty magnetic fissure (the most common fault occurs in CarAudio speakers)

8. Loose coils of wire in the coil of the loudspeaker


Why the loudspeaker has the correct resistance but does not play (the diaphragm does not move, is stiff)?


The causes of such a fault can be two.

1. Cracked magnet (The coil is jammed, it is best not to press the diaphragm , which will prevent further damage to the loudspeaker.

2. The speaker coil has been burned


Why does the speaker sound softer than the other?


1. The coil is compact (partially burned)

2. Cold February at the connector of power cables (high resistance of tin).


Why does not the speaker play?


1. Coil break (interrupted winding)

2. Burnt coil

3. broken power cable


Why, after connecting the loudspeaker to the amplifier, the amplifier turns off?


1. The coil of the speaker has been burnt but the wire did not break (shorting on the coil)


Which speakers do you repair, which company?


I am repairing all  dynamic loudspeakers, for example.

Pioneer , Sony , Kenwood , Philips , Grundig , Tonsil , Yamaha , Rft , Rcf , Eminence , 18 Sound , B&C , Alphard , Taga , Scan Speak , Focal , B&W , Jamo , Bang & Olufsen , Jbl , Peavey , Erthquake , Infinity , Wharfedale , Power Bass , Bosse , Nokia , Linn , Blaupunkt , Polk Audio , Klipsch , Jensen , Atomic Speakers , Code , Q Acoustics , Monacor , Dynaudio , Elac , Wilson Audio , MS , LG , Tannoy , Marshall , MB Quart , ITT , Winston , Quadral , Magnat , HH , Manta , Ground Zero , Medion , Celestion , Phonar , Visaton , Helix , Pylon Audio , Hertz , Cabasse , Sica , J&Lab , Pyle , Ciare , Behringer , BMS , Alto , Rockford Fosgate.

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