1. Car speaker with damaged coil. Replacement of the casing with the coil and the bottom spider.

2. Car subwoofer, replacement of a 4-layer coil.

3. SUBWOOFERS for BMW. Speakers from a flood car. The cost of repairing such a loudspeaker may range from PLN 200-250, depending on the difficulty of the repair. New loudspeakers cost over PLN 1000 per unit in the BMW service.

4. Regeneration of car loudspeakers for the VOLVO brand, manufactured by DYNAUDIO.

Classic corrosion occurring in this type of speakers, resulting from leaking  water on magnets.

The service includes:

- Cleaning and centering the magnet

- Replacement of corroded voice coil

- Replacement of supply lines 

The cost of repairing such a loudspeaker is 60 £ for one speaker.